Humidifier purchase need to pay attention to matters?

1. Humidification speed of the humidifier: The humidification amount of the humidifier is a very important indicator, which represents the humidification capacity of the humidifier. Generally speaking, if you want to humidify a space of 15-25 square meters to about 50%-60%, you need a humidifier with a maximum humidification capacity of about 300 ml/h. If the maximum humidification speed is small and the humidification speed is too slow, it is difficult to increase the humidity to the target value of 55% or more.

The noise value of the humidifier: Generally speaking, the noise value of the ultrasonic humidifier is not very high, basically below 40dB. Normal noise control below 35dB will not affect the daily rest. However, it should be noted that the design of the air duct and the humidifier with poor design will have the snoring sound formed by water vapor.

The size of the water tank of the humidifier mainly affects the water change frequency and the endurance of the humidifier. Many full-featured humidifiers have a timing function. In terms of colorful jingle humidifier, the water tank capacity is 5L, and the range that can be timed is 1~12 hours. Its humidification speed is 300 ml/h. Therefore, the amount of water consumed in 12 hours is about 3.6L. 5L can support a full timing cycle, and there is a margin.

4, the convenience of the humidifier:

Water addition methods: mainly include water addition, water addition, water addition on the split water tank, etc. It is convenient to add water, and the water can be poured directly from above. It is more convenient to add water to the water tank split type. Remove the water tank directly and then pick up the water. No need to touch other containers, more convenient. The early humidifier also has the product of adding water, which has many steps and is more troublesome.

Humidifier cleaning: humidifier selection of large opening is easier to clean the internal structure, split more easily comprehensive cleaning. Since the humidifier is an electrical appliance that requires great attention to hygiene, it is necessary to choose products that can be thoroughly cleaned. This will not cause secondary pollution.

Control function: Humidifiers with simple functions often have only Senior high school low gear options. And the function-rich humidifier, often there are digital display, humidity, timing, constant humidity mode, automatic shutdown and other functions. Humidifiers with simple functions cannot even display the current humidity value. It is recommended to start with the humidifier, or choose the commonly used products with complete functions.

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Before talking about the humidifier, first talk about the correct use of the humidifier

Tap water will contain bacteria and substances that are harmful to the humidifier, which will not only pollute the environment, but also affect the service life of the machine. Try to use pure water or cold white.

How to use the humidifier correctly?

To create a healthy living environment, we need to pay attention to "humidity" all the year round ".

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Everyone is willing to stay in a warm room on a cold winter day, but whether it is indoor heating or air conditioning, the air in the room will be dry, especially after staying all day, the face will feel tight. At this time, you will need a humidifier to save the field. However, if the humidifier is used improperly, it will bring some harm, so let the editor teach you a few ways to use the humidifier correctly today. Don't point the nozzle at the computer. If you are in the room computers and printers and other electrical appliances more, should be away from moisture, otherwise it will cause damage to these electrical appliances. So how far should the humidifier stay away from the computer,

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Summer is coming, many people will feel that the humidity of the air in summer is so high, and the humidifier, which is used in winter, can be stranded. In the actual situation, you will find that although it is cool to stay in the air-conditioned house, the environment is very dry, so when using the air conditioner, the human body will feel more comfortable with the use of the humidifier. Is it necessary to use a humidifier in an air-conditioned room in summer? Turning on the air conditioner for a long time will condense the moisture in the air into water droplets and discharge it outdoors, causing the indoor environment to be dry. Although the outside air humidity is relatively high in summer, long-term cooling will cause the room

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The role of humidifier-to increase the humidity of the air dry environment makes people feel tight skin, dry mouth, cough and cold and other special uncomfortable, air conditioning is widely used, resulting in tight skin, dry mouth, cough and cold and other air conditioning disease breeding, the use of air humidifier can improve the air conditioning room or winter dry indoor environment. Moist air can maintain vitality, make skin moist, promote blood circulation and metabolism of facial cells, so as to relieve nervous tension and eliminate fatigue. Because in the appropriate humidity range, human physiology and thinking are in good condition, work and rest have good results, and healthy humidity