Before talking about the humidifier, first talk about the correct use of the humidifier

1. Use tap water for the humidifier

This is not possible. Tap water will contain bacteria and substances that are harmful to the humidifier, which will not only pollute the environment, but also affect the service life of the machine. Try to use pure water or cold white.

2, to the humidifier "feeding"

Add wind oil essence, isatis root, essence, vinegar or disinfectant, are not desirable. Some of them have a corrosive effect, affecting the service life of the humidifier; some of their particles are inhaled in the air, which can stimulate the respiratory system, and cause skin and lung allergies. In particular, people with congenital allergies and bronchial asthma are more likely to be stimulated, causing cough and even asthma.

3, the humidifier as a moisturizing beauty instrument

If you get too close to people, the high-speed steam from the humidifier will send fine particles directly into the lungs of the human body, causing disease. When using, do not face the humidifier.

4, irregular cleaning humidifier

If you don't clean the humidifier regularly, there will be scale inside, which will hide a lot of mold and affect the human body.

5, the humidity of the humidifier can not be too high

In the case of high humidity, the human body will produce a feeling of sultry, but also easy to produce bacteria, furniture easy to mold. It is recommended to choose a humidifier with intelligent mode that can control humidity.

Humidifiers are divided into four types, namely hot steam humidifier, centrifugal humidifier (cold steam humidifier), ultrasonic humidifier, evaporation wick humidifier.

Our most common humidifier is ultrasonic humidifier, using ultrasonic high-frequency vibration, the water mist into ultrafine particles and negative oxygen ions for humidification, today we say ultrasonic humidifier.

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